Crafts: Make Your Own Dreamcatcher!

Catch all your dreams this 2020! Get inspired with these ideas on how to make your own dreamcatcher.


~ Wooden embroidery hoop

~ Washi tape

~ Thread

~ A piece of felt

~ Polyester bat (very small quantity)

~ Needle and thread

~ Wooden beads

~ Pom-poms (optional)

~ Paper pinwheels

~ Watercolors

~ Wire to hang your dreamcatcher



  • Cover the embroidery hoop with small pieces of washi tape. You can tear the tape or use small scissors to cut it. Anything works!
  • Then, choose two colored threads and wrap them around the hoop. Make sure that they are held tightly. You can also use a hot glue gun to stick the threads if necessary.
  • Draw a heart in a piece of paper and use it as a template to then make one using the felt. It must be about 3.5” wide.
  • Pass some thread through the needle and tie a knot. This way, the thread will never fall from the needle.
  • Sew the felt heart but leave a small opening to put in the filling.
  • Make the paper windmills. You will need four pieces of paper to make one. My paper size was 3 x 4 cm. Paint them with watercolors. Let dry and then punch a hole in the top.
  • Then, make two pom-poms. 
  • Cut four pieces of string; one for each pom-pom, one for the windmill and another one for the felt heart. If you would like, you can also hang some beads or buttons from some of the strings.
  • I then tied them to the hoop at different lengths. Using the wire, I made a hook at the top of the dreamcatcher (which I secured using a hot glue gun).

Done! Your dreamcatcher is ready to be hanged and trap those bad dreams!


Source: artbarblog


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