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Chica Latina’s is purpose is to inspire girls to become conscious, strong, creative, empathic women, capable of realizing their dreams and leaving their mark in the world. To help girls to fulfil their dreams.
We believe that education is a powerful tool for the development of people. For this reason, from its birth, this project has established a strategic alliance with NGO Kantaya, an after school which – through its “Happy Little Homes” – creates spaces where children can continue being children, learn and dream of a better world. Chica Latina believes in the power of Kantaya’s education.

Our first product is the mini novel, “Catalina & Sofía in Cusco’s underground world”, which is part of a book series. The next mini novel will be “Catalina & Sofía among the bones of Kuélap”, and the third one will be “Catalina & Sofía: guardian apprentices”. We hope to continue writing many more! We also have a YouTube channel and a blog, where we will be sharing more interesting content. Our online store will give you access to our books and to other products which we will be developing. We invite you to become part of our community by subscribing to our blog and by following us in our social media!

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