Our First Book Launch

On Saturday, August 3rd, 2019, at 4pm, we launched the first book of the “Catalina & Sofía” series, titled “Catalina & Sofía in Cusco’s underground world”. Our book launch took place at Lima’s International Book Fair (FIL), and – aside from the general public – our special guests were 25 children who study at NGO Kantaya’s after school for children in extreme poverty, in the district of Ventanilla. They came all together in a bus and toured Miraflores, learned what a book fair is, and joined us in the event.

Lu Arispe, actress, teacher and clown, narrated the story and was in charge of the presentation

At the end of the presentation, we all wrote our biggest dreams in colored papers, made paper planes, and hanged them in our “tree of dreams”. 

We shared some of the dreams that the children and the adults shared with us:

These were the children’s dreams…

“To be in a rainbow and fly across the air”

“My dream is to be big, to be an illustrator”

“Meet Peppa Pig. Be a Power Girl and be humble”

“My dream is to visit many places and have animals that will accompany me during the journey” (There were many dreams about travelling!)

“To be a civil engineer and a tourist”

“To be a mechanic and fashion designer”

“I want to be a singer and a dentist”

“My dream is to be an elementary school teacher and a dancer”

“I dream of being a unicorn princess”

“To be an adventurer”

“I want to make a lot of friends and be a pastry chef”

“I want to be a great accountant and a chef”

“To be a dance teacher and a lawyer” (Many girls want to be lawyers!)

“I want to be an accountant, dancer, veterinarian, have many friends and be happy”

“To be able to be a professional” (Many will be professionals when they grow up!)

“I wish for everyone to be kind”

“Have adventures and imagination. I like fantasy, inspiration and creativity everywhere”

“My dream is to be a gymnast and to win a gold medal”

“I want to help my mom with her work and expenses when I grow up, and also be a great marinera dancer”

“Meet J.K. Rowling and have her sign all of my books”

“Be happy!”

“I want an airplane”

“My dream is to have a pet”

“When I grow up I want to be an inventor who helps to change the world and do good things” (A lot of inventors accompanied us!)

“One of my dreams is to be a professional, be able to travel and sing, dance, and be a photographer”

“I dream of being a doctor and engineer”

“Be a good firefighter” (More than one child wanted to be a firefighter!)

“Be like Jackie Saettone and tell a lot of stories”

“My dream is to be an actress and singer and for all my family to stay together”

“Be a good children’s book author to cheer up the lives of many people”

“Go to Cusco with my family!”

“Visit Machu Picchu!” (More than one dreamed about Cusco and Machu Picchu)

“I want to be able to fly every day”

“For every dream to come true”

“My dream is to be a writer and a movie producer. I also dream about travelling the world and waking up as a superhero”

“I would like to be a beautiful book for all boys and girls, to make them happy”

“I want to dream about Catalina in Paracas”

“I dream about going to the moon”

“My dream is to be a queen”

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