Recycled Materials Crafts: Home Drawing Projector

We leave you an easy and fun craft to make your drawings come to life! Did you know that in the second book of the Catalina and Sofia book series – “Catalina and Sofía among the bones of Kuelap” -there is a part where Sofi left her drawings to dry under the seven suns, and they came to life? Do you want to know more about this story? Get the digital series here.

Crafts: Eco-Friendly Ways To Wrap Gifts

Today we will show you two eco-friendly ways to wrap gifts for Christmas! It gives them a unique touch and, of course, the planet will thank you for it.   1. Music Sheets If you, a friend, sibling, or family member plays a musical instrument, this idea is perfect for you – you can reuse […]

Crafts: Eco-Friendly Snack Bags

Today we show you how to make these practical bags to store your sandwiches, nuts, sweets, or whatever you prefer, without having to use plastic bags! The planet will thank you for it.🌼🌈     Materials We made them by hand, but if you want you can make them with a sewing machine Nylon lining […]

Crafts: Charming Halloween Bats

Today we will show you how to make these charming bats to decorate your house on Halloween or to stuff them with candy and give them away! 🎃 🙌🏼   Materials – Toilet paper roll – Black cardboard – Craft eyes – Rubber – Pencil – Black paint – Brush – Scissors   Instructions: Step […]

Crafts: Pots Made Of Plastic Bottles

Decorate your window with plants and pretty pots of your favorite animals made with plastic bottles. There is no more fun way to beautify our homes and help the planet at the same time 🙂 Materials Plastic bottles Scissors Permanent marker Pencil Paint X-acto knife   Instructions: Step 1 Draw the ears of the animal […]

Crafts: A Special Surprise For Father’s Day

Do you have a special picture with your dad? Gift it to him in a personalized frame for Father’s Day. Here we show you how. Materials: A picture frame Paints Washi tape Stickers Glitter Rope or wool   Instructions: Step 1: Paint the picture frame with your favorite color (I chose white). Do as many […]

Crafts: A Special Flower Bouquet For Mom

Have you already chosen a Mother’s Day gift for your mom? This Sunday, you can give her a bouquet of flowers made with your own hands! You can do it by yourself or with the help of your siblings. Here’s how 🙂  – Cata? Materials: Construction paper of your favorite color A pencil Six long […]

Crafts: Crayon And Hairdryer Art

Have you ever dreamt of a multicolored rain? You can make it happen today with crayons and a hairdryer! Try this tutorial and have fun making amazing works of art. Materials Crayons Newspaper Canvas Glue Hairdryer Instructions Step 1 Glue the crayons, tips down, to the top of your canvas. Because of the possibility of […]

Crafts: Make A Kitten With Recycled Materials

Today’s craft is dedicated to every cat lover out there. It’s very similar to the puppies we made last week, so you will need very simple materials. We hope you like it! Materials: White construction paper (or any color which you prefer) Your favorite art supplies to paint your kitten (paints, watercolors, felt pens) One […]

Crafts: Make A Puppy With Recycled Materials

Today we bring you a new activity to do during these days that we stay at home. You will need very simple materials which you probably already have at home. We hope you like it!   Materials: Construction paper  One black felt pen One pencil One toilet paper tube Glue An eraser Scissors A ruler […]

Crafts: Reuse Your Glass Jars

We’ll give you an idea of how to reuse your glass jars! Like the ones used for jam. ?  What do you think?? – Cata?   Materials Glass jar Paint Paintbrush Ornaments Instructions Step 1 Wash the jar and let it dry.  Step 2 Paint the inside of the jar with your favorite color. Step […]

Crafts: Decorative Letters

Decorate your room with the first letter of your name!? Here are some ideas?? – Cata ? MATERIALS A template of the letter Scissors Cardboard Adhesive tape Yarn Small ornaments INSTRUCTIONS Step 1: Print the letter in a large size on a white paper and cut it. With this template, we will draw the letter […]

Crafts: Time Capsule

The year is coming to an end! I decided to make a time capsule to store our dreams and expectations for the next year. I will open it at the end of the year to see how it went.? Let’s all do one! MATERIALS Glass jar with a lid Ribbon Confetti Colored papers String Pencil […]

Crafts: Predict Your Future With This Game

I love this retro game to get to know more of my friends and their futures! Try it. – Sofi Instructions: Step 1: Cut a square in a paper (choose your favorite color) and fold it in half in two different directions, marking the fold. Step 2: Fold the 4 ends of the square inside, […]

Crafts: A Mobile Made With Colorful Origami

Did you enjoy our origami tutorial? ? Here’s a great idea on how to use it to decorate your room with this mobile? I love how it looks next to my window! – Cata? ¿CÓMO HACER LA GRULLA EN ORIGAMI?

Crafts: Learn How To Make Two Different Origami Figures (Butterfly And Crane)

Did you know that origami is a form of Japanese art? Here, I will show you how to make my two favorite shapes: the butterfly and the crane.  Cata? BUTTERFLY   CRANE

Crafts: Decorate Your Room With Pom-Poms

I want to decorate my room a little bit! I’m going to make a pom-pom arrangement. ?  Would you like to try it too? – Sofi   LET’S START! Materials Yarn Scissors Fork STEP 1 Take the fork and roll the land around it, as shown in the image below. When you are happy with […]

Crafts: Make Your Own Dreamcatcher!

Catch all your dreams this 2020! Get inspired with these ideas on how to make your own dreamcatcher. MATERIALS: ~ Wooden embroidery hoop ~ Washi tape ~ Thread ~ A piece of felt ~ Polyester bat (very small quantity) ~ Needle and thread ~ Wooden beads ~ Pom-poms (optional) ~ Paper pinwheels ~ Watercolors ~ […]

Crafts: Try Our New Slime Recipe!

New slime recipe! Perfect to try it during the weekend. Have fun with Catalina & Sofia’s activities!  


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