Crafts: Eco-Friendly Snack Bags

Today we show you how to make these practical bags to store your sandwiches, nuts, sweets, or whatever you prefer, without having to use plastic bags! The planet will thank you for it.🌼🌈




  • We made them by hand, but if you want you can make them with a sewing machine
  • Nylon lining
  • Velcro approximately 1.5 cm wide (5/8″)
  • Cotton fabric
  • Thread (of any color that matches the fabric)



We will make bags of 2 sizes: (1) Of 12 cms x 15 cms (5″ x 6″) and (2) Of 15 cms x 20 cms (6″ x 7 1/2″).


Step 1

For the 12 cm x 15 cm (5″ x 6″) finished bag size: Cut both the cotton and the nylon fabric into pieces of 30 cm x 18 cm (12″ x 7″) and cut the Velcro into a strip of approximately 12.5 cm (5″).

For the 15 cm x 20 cm or (6″ x 7 1/2″) finished bag size: Cut both the cotton and the nylon fabric in pieces of approximately 35 cm x 22 cm (14″ x 8 1/2″) and cut the Velcro into a strip of approximately 17 cm (6 1/2″).

Step 2

Place the cotton and nylon fabrics on top of each other, with the right side of the cotton facing out.

Measure 1/2 cm (1/4″) from the top edge and fold it down. Then turn the iron on low and press slightly to settle the fold. Do not put the temperature too hot, because you could melt the nylon. Sew what you just folded. Do the same with the bottom edge.

Step 3

Fold those same edges (the top and bottom) this time to a width of approximately 2 cm (3/4″). Put the Velcro strips on each of the two ends, press and put pins and sew them. Be sure to use both sides of the Velcro, one at each end, because they are different.

Fold the material in half, at the back, and join the sides. Sew the side seams at 1 cm (1/2″). When you finish, cut the seams to 0.5 cms  (1/4″).

Step 4

Now turn the bag over and put it on the right side.  The seams with Velcro must match at the top. And that’s it!

Step 5

These bags can be hand or machine-washed, when necessary. You will save money and will be taking a small step towards a more sustainable life 😊🌷


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