Self-knowledge & Life: An interview with Katia Condos y Muss Hernández


Today we bring you a fascinating interview. In it, we have the opportunity to learn about the value of self-knowledge for personal growth through the experience of two close friends: the Peruvian film, theater, and television actress Katia Condos and the artist and spiritual coach Muss Hernandez.

What is self-knowledge?

But… What is self-knowledge? According to the Oxford Dictionary, it is: “Knowledge of oneself that comes after recognizing oneself as an individual person with particular qualities.” In this interview, Katia Condos tells us how she built a fuller life thanks to the accompaniment of her coach and friend, Muss Hernandez, who urges us to use tools to look at ourselves and recognize who we are.

Caminos: An inspiring and practical book.

Katia and Muss have written a book entitled Caminos, which consists of two parts. In the first part, The Path to Me or “El Camino Hacia Mí,” Katia tells her story, the stages she went through, and how her life changed thanks to the process, she followed with Muss. In the second part, Muss reveals the method they followed and guides us so that we can apply it to our own lives. The technique that Muss proposes in her book is designed so everyone can do it independently. Of course, it can also be done in a group, with friends, or with a coach like herself. You can see the lessons she teaches through Lúmina, the organization she founded, HERE.


To watch the video interview with Katia and Muss (only available in Spanish), click on the image at the beginning of this article or click HERE.  If you like the interview, please subscribe to our channel. 😉💖🦋.

Some additional tools to deepen your self-knowledge

In the video you just watched, Katia and Muss invite us to look for ways to learn to know ourselves better and to seek practical self-knowledge tools that we can use for our own growth. At Chica Latina, we have found two free Coursera  courses for you, which have been highly ranked:

  1. The Science of Well-being course taught by Professor Laurie Santos from Yale University in the United States, which you can see HERE.
  2. And also, the course Finding Purpose and Meaning in Life, taught by Professor Vic Strecher of the University of Michigan, is HERE.

Both are taught in English, with subtitles in Spanish and in other languages.


We hope the video inspires you to deepen your path of self-knowledge and that some of the tools presented in this article allow you to move from inspiration to action!


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