Chica Latina believes in the power of Kantaya’s education. We have been supporting Kantaya by donating the “Catalina & Sofia” book series, as well as a percentage of sales, to educate girls at NGO Kantaya.

Kantaya empowers children ages 5 to 12 to achieve their dreams – at its after school – through their cognitive and socio-emotional learning program. Children learn at Kantaya’s Casitas Felices or “Happy Little Homes” in Ventanilla – an area of extreme poverty in Peru. In this way, children can learn without limit and continue being children. 

Learn more about Kantaya at: and consider donating. There you will find out how you may support Kantaya. Chica Latina does not receive any donations on behalf of Kantaya. Should you desire to make a donation or collaborate in any other way, you may contact them directly.

We decided to invest specifically in girls’ education because several studies show that educating a girl has a multiplier effect on society. Therefore, by educating a girl, we may improve the lives of future boys and girls.


On Saturday, August 3, 2019, at 4 pm, we launched “Catalina and Sofia in the Underground World of Cusco,” the first book in the Catalina & Sofia book series, at the Lima Book Fair (FIL). 

Our guests of honor were 25 Kantaya children from Ventanilla, Peru, who came in a bus, took a tour of Miraflores, learned about what a book fair is, and joined us at the event. Kantaya’s founders Fabiola Portocarrero and Yessica Flores, also joined us. Lu Arispe, actress, teacher, and clown, narrated the story and entertained us through the book presentation.

What are some of the children’s dreams?

We presented “Catalina & Sofia among the bones of Kuelap” – the second book in the series – at one of Kantaya’s “Happy Little Homes.” The teachers organized all kinds of activities around the book content: theater, dance, puzzles, crafts, the children even became journalists to interview the author. Here you can see a video of the event.

“Catalina & Sofia Guardian Apprentices”, came out in the middle of the pandemic. The pandemic was difficult, for Kantaya, as it was not possible for the children to attend the “Happy Little Homes.” However, Kantaya adapted to this situation, and its children used Whatsapp to continue learning. Later during the pandemic, they received tablets. Thus, we were able to donate the third book in the series for the teachers to load onto the tablets.

We love Kantaya for the passion and care with which they work to transform lives! The result is clearly seen in the children. Here you can see a video of Mayra Taype, the first Kantaya girl to graduate from college. 

Congratulations Mayra and Congratulations Kantaya! 😊🌈❤💪🦋


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