The passion for writing: an interview with Argentine writer Viviana Rivero



Interested in creative writing? Or perhaps on enjoying a good book? We hope you like this video!

We had the opportunity to speak with Argentine writer Viviana Rivero, an icon of the historical-romantic novel. Viviana is an award-winning author who publishes her books in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, Spain, Italy, and other countries. During our conversation, she spoke about her latest novel, “A bright and shining light,” – or “Una Luz Fuerte y Brillante” in Spanish – about how a story is born, about her career as a lawyer, communicator, and author, and also about the importance of finding our passion in life.

To watch the video interview with writer Viviana Rivero, click on the image at the beginning of this article or click HERE. Don’t forget to turn on the Auto-Translate option on YouTube so that you can see the subtitles in English.


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We hope the video has inspired you and that some of these courses will allow you to move from inspiration to action!


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