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  • Can what makes you different be your greatest strength?

    In the article we publish today, the outstanding Peruvian visual artist and writer Luz Letts shares very personal aspects of her story and life. She generously and openly tells us how she turned challenges into opportunities by valuing her differences and turning them into her greatest strengths.   The Other Paths Written by Luz Letts […]

  • The passion for writing: an interview with Argentine writer Viviana Rivero

    Interested in creative writing? Or perhaps on enjoying a good book? We hope you like this video! Don’t forget to turn on the Auto-Translate option on YouTube so that you can see the subtitles in English.

  • Self-knowledge & Life: An interview with Katia Condos y Muss Hernández

    Today we bring you a fascinating interview. In it, we have the opportunity to learn about the value of self-knowledge for personal growth through the experience of two close friends: the Peruvian film, theater, and television actress Katia Condos and the plastic artist and spiritual coach Muss Hernandez.

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Latest articles


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